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We grow business using proven strategies.

Olevicor is a creative agency & business consulting firm in Chicago, Illinois. We leverage Digital Assets & Technology to grow our client businesses using Strategy, Marketing and Code.

Growth is a Solved Problem — with the Olevicor Playbook.

Olevicor helps business owners create intricate economic machines. Our professional business consultants design solutions, like fine clock-work, to make your business tick just right. If you are a business owner, or senior person within your oranization, get in contact with an Olevicor business consultant to determine if we can assist with high-level business goals.

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We are founders ourselves, with high expectations. We only accept clients that meet certain criteria — and only make recommendations with a near certainty of achieving results.

Creatives with a Business Sense that can Code

We are successful business owners, programmers and artists — it isn't theory for us.

Professional Consultants

Our business consultants meet stringent standards, and each have at least 10+ years of direct business / owner experience.

High Success Rate

Your business should not be treated like a science experiment — let our proven methods work for you, and stop taking chances.

Result Oriented

We make objectives, risks and tradeoffs clear before embarking on projects. And, we stake our reputation on delivering results.

Value-based Pricing

Starting at $2,000

We increase sales, or reduce costs, by leveraging digital assets. Olevicor business consultants provide technology-driven strategies for enhancing businesses.

Olevicor creates outstanding value for clients; e.g., a $25,000 website generating $500,000 per year in sales. Or $5,000+ ad campaigns that bring in $100,000 yearly revenue. †

Branding Multiplied by Olevicor

† Examples. Results vary.

Reduce Costs


  • Develop software solutions to automate tasks & reduce work.
  • Review internal procedures to enhance business profitability.
  • Utilize websites and video to avoid repetitive labor tasks.
  • Passive lead-generation to mitigate outbound sales reps.
Efficiency playbook

Increase Sales


  • Create inbound-lead generation channels; e.g., SEO, social, mail.
  • Digital assets; e.g., illustration, video, websites, copywriting.
  • Manage advertising and handle SEM (search engine marketing.)
  • Strategic price and / or product review; customer segments, etc.
Growth playbook

Top to Bottom Line — We optimize. Automate. Magnify.

Olevicor business consultants are software-oriented, with an eye for using computer programming and web tools to improve business operations. We code, create art and understand business; fast-track your objectives with Olevicor business consulting. Call us, and see what we can do for you.


Key Services

Authentic Intelligence by Artisans

We diligently work with our hands — relying on direct experience in our own businesses to consistently deliver results. Olevicor consultants have direct business founding and operational experience. We know the walk, and understand first-hand the challenges of building a business.

Creative Coding

Anything is possible for creatives that code, ask our consultants.

Digital Asset Creation

Web, photo and video are the foundational building blocks.

Search Engine Marketing

Managed advertising starting at $500 per month, yearly contract.

Business Consulting

Deep analysis, with follow-ons, for reliable business scaling.


Did you know? Digital Video is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies.

Olevicor is uniquely positioned, with a managing partner from the world's leading video production company. All of our videography is handled by — which holds a superior track record, and over 4,000+ projects.

Increases your business sales, reduce labor costs and generate leads with beautiful, custom-made video.

Videography Demo Reel  

Even better, Websites that print money by generating leads and closing sales 24/7.

Olevicor can launch and verify business models within 24 hours using websites and highly targetted advertising. Our copy speaks to customers, and we regularly sell products or services without full-blown marketing campiagns.

Accelerate your business ideas with an Olevicor managed marketing website. From prototype to sales in one week.

Website Case Studies

Mixed with Code to control business workflows for economic mastery.

Most businesses are sitting on digital gold waiting to be discovered, excavated and refined. You may not realize it, but Olevicor business consultants look for optimizations in your business — made possible only through software.

Automation is extreme leverage. Turning watts of electricity into profit. Organize, and softwarify, business operations.

Code & Software Case Studies  

Increase your Business Profitability Triad with Olevicor

We think of each business as an Economic Masterpiece — intricately designed machines that employ people, pay dividends and create value for consumers. A business is an exhaustive, multi-layered puzzle that (when properly assembled) showcases a mechanical beauty. Does yours?

(a) Automated Leads

We build sales engines without outbound sales people — like the electronic car versus combustion engines — it is more efficient.

(b) Systematic Workflows

We design systems that reduce middle management needs; greatly enhancing their capacity to oversee operations / manage more workers.

(c) Predictable Results

We take a long-term appoarch, and let time compound results; dividends from our work only get sweeter over time as your business grows.

Whether you have an (A) (B) or (C) problem — or not, all businesses benefit from amplifying and evaluating these cycles. Olevicor focuses on these areas to improve business performance.

Does your business operate like a well-oiled machine? Contact us.

Looking for more information about our Business Consulting Services?

Olevicor is a business consulting firm and creative agency in Chicago. We are self-funded entrenprenuers, with brands of our own. Creating businesses is an enjoyable endeavor for us, and we are exceptionally capable. We are often approached for consulting work. We are able to Program Software. We understand Business Strategy. And, we have vast Creative Skills.

It begins with an introductory call and casual conversation about your business. While we typically work with owners, C-level executives, or senior managers, we do need to be in contact with a major decision maker at the company or division. Most of our projects have serious impacts on business revenues, operations or high-level business objectives. Once communicating with the right people, we digest your organization's existing circumstances. We typically create recommendations based on our experience and the Olevicor Growth Playbook or the Olevicor Efficiency Playbook. We apply proven strategies and methods to your organization, based your existing set of circumstances, business goals and general considerations.

There are few consultancies with artisans programmers and creatives under one roof, let alone individuals with such dynamic experience. Our business consultants can be described as, Creatives with a Business Sense, that can Code Software. And, we also own businesses ourselves, and deeply undestand the topic matter of running a business. You might be able to find a creative agency, business consultant, or programmer separately — but an individual with all three talents is rare. Olevicor business consultants are multi-disciplinary artisans and business owners, with at least a decade of real world experience.

Olevicor is based out of Chicago. While we prefer to work remotely, we understand face-to-face meetings and travel to client locations is necessary. For consulting engagements, we typically do 1-2 days on-site per week, unless the project specifically calls for being on-site for longer durations, or you are over 50 miles away. For creative work, it's usually not necessary to be on-site except for obvious media gathering like videography or photography. Travel time reduces our capacity to work ~50 hours per week — making us less productive. Wherever possible, we try to minimize travel.

Quickly, but it depends on the engagement length and initial project requirements. We typically engage with clients on an initial project, and create a follow-on or check-in schedule based on need. A typical client reaches out 2 - 4 times per year, and spends $2,500 per year in consulting or advisory to maximize the results of their projects. Many projects can be started immediately, since we have multiple business consultants available. However, it largely depends on your business goals.

Olevicor does not charge by the hour; however, we do have an internal $50 per hour minimum consulting rate. I.e., clients will always be charged at least $50 per hour, or more. Some services can be billed at up to $200 per hour. We do not negotiate our rates, and operate on a minimum retainer fee of $2,000 to get started. We offer weekly rates (e.g., $2,000+ per week.)

Absolutely. One of our core competencies is rapid prototyping marketing websites and finding product-market fit quickly. We are typically able to build a "nice" website in 2 - 3 days, and launch advertising campaigns within 24-hours. We have received paying customers within hours of launching protoype businesses, and this is how we function with our own businesses. Once we discover a product-market fit, we typically move into iterative improvements — or programming operational workflows.

After retaining Olevicor, our business consultants and artisans can work on your project. We bill in weekly slots for projects, and negotiate pricing on a per project basis. If we are currently not engaged in a project, and have not negotiated follow-on projects or pricing, you will be provided with a non-negotiable, default hourly rate of at least $50 per hour. Because we try to maximize the value to you, our client, we attempt to charge value-based pricing based on project or consulting requirements.

No. We are not employees, a temp agency or recruitment company. We staff business consultants and creatives which are available for hire. Our business consultants will not work as an employee, except as necessary to diagnose or understand the machinations of your organization. It is always more desireable to hire employees to run the processes we implement for you.

Yes, we have videographers, copywriters, illustrators, designers, animators, programmers, website experts, search engine marketers, advertising managers, and general business consultants on staff. Under some circumstances, we may pull from our network of specialists, as-needed, for special projects. We try to work with our primary consultants and artisans.

Olevicor is pronounced [ oh - lev - i - kohr ]. Olevicor is an anagram of our founder's full name, Corey Levi Olson. Where {O}lson {Levi} {Cor}ey are combined into a unique word. Olevicor is a brand advisor, creative agency, business consultant and marketing agency. We typically perform work that a founding member / business owner might do — including programming custom solutions, advertising and marketing, brand or business development, copywriting and other creative services like video production, illustration, design, photography, mockups, animation and more. We have these multi-disciplinary skills, (even beyond this,) because we build businesses ourselves. We try to avoid IT, although we do have experience in IT.

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Client Engagements

Olevicor accepts new clients after conducting an initial review, and requires a $2,000 minimum retainer. We most commonly work with businesses up to 500 employees, under $1 Billion in revenue, including startups and entrenprenuers. Our goal is to deliver exceedingly good returns, which requires us to avoid projects outside our scope of expertise.


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